Be Your Best Ally 

Self-Compassion Mantra


here’s how:

Try this during tough times - or any time your inner critic is having a field day.

Place your hand on your heart, or hold your own hand to stimulate some oxytocin.

Say this mantra to yourself:

This is hard. I'm doing my best.

I'm a good mom / dad person.

This is hard - is about becoming mindfully aware.

I'm doing my best - acknowledges that you are human, just like everybody else.

I'm a good (mom / dad / person) - is an affirmation which plants the seeds for more self-kindness.

here’s why:

Self-compassion pioneer Kristin Neff, PhD says self criticism activates the stress response, making us less able to rise to challenges, whereas treating ourselves with compassion activates soothing chemicals that enhance our ability to face situations with more confidence and resourcefulness. You can make a profound shift in satisfaction and in your capacity to cope by being your best ally.