What is Wild Peace?

Our mission is to bolster parent well-being in the face of intense parenting challenges.

Life can be wildly peaceful, or it can be peacefully wild. Either way, we are models for our children. When they're struggling, they need us even more. This road can be overwhelming, exhausting and lonely. But you (really) are NOT alone. I created Wild Peace so parents will feel less alone and more empowered on a journey they never expected.

Podcast - Support in Your Pocket: The podcast introduces you to brave parents who have BEEN THERE, along with professionals who have so much wisdom and perspective to share. Think of it as a support group in your pocket. Even if your child's challenges are different, the stories and strategies will give you a boost.

Resilience Resources: We suggest tiny shifts in mindset and micro steps towards self-care that will build your resilience, so you can be the parent you want to be. Drawing on the latest scientific research in mindfulness, neuroscience, positive psychology, nutrition and more, the tools in our simple self-care menu make it easy. Explore and see what resonates with YOU.

Parent well-being matters. Because when you thrive, your kids can, too.


Kendra Wilde, founder

When I ran into health issues related to chronic stress, it was a scary wake up call. I spent the next 10 years figuring out how to replenish myself and adjust my approach as a parent. I created Wild Peace to give you the resource I wish I had at the beginning - so you and your family can thrive.

If all you did was put your hand on your heart

and wish yourself well,

it would be a moment well spent.