WPFP8: Trust Your Gut, Let Go and Ride the Rapids with Kimber Felton


In this episode

Kimber Felton knew in her gut that something was “off” with her daughter. After a long process of discovery - which included a doctor proclaiming Kate would never walk, MRIs, EEGs, and a move to El Salvador - she learned Kate has Spastic Dysplasia, a condition that comes with a mix of physical and mental challenges but no clear answers. Undaunted, Kimber dealt with the issues at hand and created a world where her daughter and her whole family could thrive. Kimber shares everything from that very alone feeling of hearing an unexpected diagnosis “when all the ‘what-if’s’ of the world come down upon you,” to how her passion for outdoor adventure and life abroad opened her eyes to a world of possiblility. Regardless of how your own child (or a child in your life) struggles, Kimber’s story will give you tears, make you laugh, and leave you uplifted.

 What You’ll Learn

  • When Kimber decided that having a diagnosis for her daughter didn’t matter.

  • How she advocated for her daughter while living abroad even though she wasn’t fluent in the local languages.

  • How a therapist in El Salvador and a school in Venezuela influenced Kimber ‘s philosophy on raising Kate.

  • What whitewater rafting and adaptive sports taught her about parenting.

  • Why Kimber thinks her marriage to Mike survived.

  • How she accepts Kate for who she is, while still setting expectations for her to succeed.

Kate rock climbing!

Kate rock climbing!

Resources Mentioned

·      Adaptive Sports Center, Crested Butte, CO

·      Vermont Adaptive

·      Lose the Training Wheels (camps offered all over, here are places to start):

-       Article about the program

-       I Can Shine

·      Spaulding Rehab, Boston, MA

·      Shirley Ryan, AbilityLab, Chicago, IL  

·      City Kids, Chicago, IL



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