WPFP4: Leaning on Faith and Dancing, with Single Mom Gladys Richter


In this episode

Gladys Richter openly shares what her son, who happens to be non-verbal living with autism, has taught her about the beauty of human connection, hard work, and faith. Gladys is a single mother of two boys who moved to the U.S. mainland from Puerto Rico. When her son Gaby was first diagnosed, she thought he had a disease. As she began to adjust to life turned upside down, she discovered he had deep and majestic lessons to offer. Today, Gladys is working to educate others in her community about autism to empower parents and diminish stigma.

What You’ll Learn

  • How a parent communicates with a child who is non-verbal

  • How Gladys adjusted her career to accommodate for her son’s needs – and crushed it

  • Tips on choosing the right services and becoming an effective advocate

  • What helped Gladys shift from anger and despair to gratitude and optimism

  • How to really listen when people tell you hard things

  • How Gladys blows off steam and remains strong as a single mom


Resources Mentioned

Based in Rhode Island, The Autism Project is a collaboration of parents, professionals and community members who provide quality support, training, and programming for children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families and those who work with them.

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