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Raising a child who struggles - with learning issues, developmental differences, mental health and more - is a challenge. Everyone has an opinion about what you should be doing. But sometimes all you need is support for yourself. We GET it. We’re here to inspire and empower YOU along the way. We share stories and strategies to boost your resilience and remind you you’re not alone. When you thrive, your family can too.

Find Calm. Build Resilience.

Our mission is to bolster parent’s well-being in the face of intense parenting challenges.


Life can be wildly peaceful, or it can be peacefully wild. Either way, we are models for our children. When they're struggling, they need us even more, which can make this path overwhelming, exhausting, relentless and even downright lonely. But you truly are NOT alone. Wild Peace was created so parents can feel connected and more empowered on the journey they never expected, but find themselves on.


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. . . .and even that point, some days, feels like an understatement especially, parenting a child who is struggling. In the day and age where social networks allow us to filter only the best moment to the public eye, there is almost a taboo about admitting the simple fact that parenting is hard and stressful. But we believe there is a need for awareness around this. Learn why we’re sparking a new conversation about parent stress.


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